What do I want to get out of English this year?

Well, I could always use to make some more friends in a new place.  I always would love to become a better writer. And Books and discussions that make me think, or look at something a little differently are always welcome.  I’ve had the English class that was more of a study hall, and one that graded us more on our artistic ability then on out critical thinking and writing skills.  They were a waste of my time, and I fell behind because of them.  I hope I’ve caught back up, if not surpassed my peers a bit,  and have made it to the college level.  Unfortunately, I doubt it, because even though I’ve had a few great English teachers, they haven’t given me as many classes that I walked out of inspired, or feeling that I’ve gotten more out of it then I could have else where.

College is interesting so far. A pool off people so large that it’s logistically and physiologically impossible to know everyone. Even with how complex of a social creature we are, we really only know about 150 other humans. This isn’t just names and faces, but actually knowing the person intimately.  It’s much less like high school in this way, and emulates, the real world.  Which is what it’s designed to do. The purpose of high school is to prepare you for lower end jobs and college, college prepares you for university and adapts you to independent life in an environment with a large amount of people, and university for a (hopefully) higher level job.  But I have some higher hopes that are less bureaucratic than that.  I’m hoping to get into the film industry after college. And I don’t want to be a grip monkey. At least, not for too long/that often.  But I also don’t want film to be the only thing I know.  Especially when I think having multiple careers would be amazing.  I love journalism as well, and would love to have careers in each field at one point or another.  Because of that, I’m considering changing my major completely.

            I’m not all work driven though. I love the topics, and find them very interesting, but even more, I love the type of people that they attract, and the environments that I would be working in.  Filmmakers come in all shapes and sizes, and are extremely energetic, passionate, and creative.  And journalists are the most brilliant, quick-witted, and interesting people you’ll ever talk to.  Both fields share a profound connection to stories and are forms of story telling, which is the most effective and universal way to share information and experience, and both work in intelligent, ever changing environments. 


One thought on “What do I want to get out of English this year?

  1. Question for further thought:

    What does this list of things you want to learn ask of you? In other words, what is YOUR part in learning these things? What do YOU hold yourself responsible for?

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