Slang Discussion

Nadsat slang that we should have en English equivalent for:

Our language could always use more slang words for sex, because actually saying it seems to be looked down upon in our culture.  Otherwise, if there was a need to have slang for something in our language because we use it so much, then we would already have it. Of course these things change over time.


American Nor cal west coast slang words:

Hella- really

Bro- friend or stereotypical bro

Tight- Cool

Legit- Brilliant

Totes- Totally

Bounce- go



They’re shorter versions of multiple words. Though many of them have had their original meaning slightly changed, being as people don’t always laugh out loud when they type “lol.”  Rather, they should now be seen as new words. New levels of funny. lol isn’t the same as LOL.  They’re different levels of how funny you find something, or to hint at sarcasm (wish is hard to convey in text, especially without italics). If anything, making written language more accurate. After lol and LOL come hahaha, hahahaha, occasionally bwahahahaah, lines of laughing, hilarious! hahaha

(all which becomes sarcastic if you put a period after them).  Our generation reads into what periods mean, because they’re not always necessary anymore, so they’re used to express mood and underlying feeling (unless there’s a multi-sentence text message).



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