Communities of Language

I lived in the eat bay before I came to San Francisco for college, so I haven’t experienced a very large culture shock, and have experienced even less language change in the speech community.  Although, texting is a different story. Everyone has their own way of texting, almost like a fingerprint; it consists of which abbreviations they use, how long their texts are, use of emoticons and smiley faces, and personal slang.  These are in part affected by the community of people you text, but I feel are more on the personal side, like voice is in writing, that it doesn’t necessarily fit into this category.


But being introduced to new texting styles is a given when being introduced to new people.  I’ve basically lived in one community for my whole life, so although my language has changed over time and been influenced by my parents, peers, and a few other adults, I haven’t been immersed in a community long enough for it to really affect my language or to let me adapt.  And the evolution that the language of my peers and I has gone through happened slowly and subtly enough that I would not be able to point to a time or even a year around when something changed.


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