What Should I be Learning

The purpose of lower education is self discovery (who you are socially) and a basic level of knowledge that allows an individual to function in our society. The purpose of providing a general education in lower education schools (elementary through highschool) is to allow the individual to function in society. Many European countries recognize that this is necessary for society to exist, though doesn’t allow a society to function very well. Many of them will provide easy ways for their citizens to go into higher education so that they can understand society, and allow their country to function. Which is the purpose of general education in higher education: to introduce individuals to new perspectives, ways of thinking, and to grasp an deeper understanding of society. The issue in the US, is that education varies by the neighborhood, as though it’s not important. When education isn’t equal, people become divided into classes, and opportunities are limited. This is what Horace Mann was referencing when he said “according to the European theory, men are divided into classes, —some to toil and earn, others to seize and enjoy.” But is a college general education what makes this difference? It depends on what school you go in the US, and what you make of it. The way I see higher education, it’s divided into college and university, though people generally don’t make the distinction because they’re both in the same location. In Europe, they’re more distinguishable from each other, college being more general education, and university being major specific as well as including graduate school.


I have a friend who is in cinema at Ithaca college (should be university), where she had a camera in her hand in the first week and is working on classes for her major. It’s a private school, so she doesn’t have to do much in terms of general education.

I’m not going to point it out to her because things are always changing, but the best people in the industry aren’t actually cinema or film majors. This is because it’s a bridge between art and business, giving well rounded individuals the upper hand because they then develop the skill to make a film, and they then have none film knowledge to apply to film and enrich their art. But at the same time, she will have more practice and time to develop a style, and will have technical and probably theological advantages that people who don’t work in it as long. Perhaps that’s the difference of the art and practicality sides. The difference behind theory, technical knowledge and understanding, and feeling and art.


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